GSTAG cards have a laminated multi-layer structure, resulting from different manufacturing stages including High Definition Printing, Automated Assembly, High Temperature & Pressure Lamination, and Fine Cutting.

Driven with the utmost precision, our process gives the products a reliability and a durability exceeding the requirements of the different international standards, whatever the desired finishing.

To manufacture or create your products, we select the best materials (PVC, PVC-ABS, PETG, Paper, TritanTM, etc.) as well as the best performing technologies. They warrant your satisfaction and your competitiveness day after day.



Dedicated to particular RFID & NFC applications, WildTHINGS® is a range of objects designed on purpose to meet specific industrial performances or marketing constrains.
Totally shaped on demand, it integrates customize antenna designs (LF, HF, UHF) and the whole set of High-Resolution printing, including GSTAG HSP® dynamic printing.


  • Classical “rectangular” or “pear” keyfobs
  • Event wristband plates & tokens
  • Special identification plates
  • Customized shapes & perforations
  • Shape size up to 300mm x 445mm

Features & options:

  • Large variety of chips (NXP, EM, ST,, Alien, Inpinj,…)
  • LF, HF, UHF
  • Full color HD printing (incl. dynamic data & codes)
  • Doming, customized adhesives & anti-metal layers
  • Electrical personalization


It simply Works

GSTICKpro®is a range of NFC/RFID stickers dedicated to grarantee the performances and the instant operations users expect & deserve.

Available as indoor or outdoor versions, the products are backed by the finest selection of materials, lamination processes & advanced inlay design to meet each robustness requirement.

GSTICKpro® also offers a high-resolution dynamic color printing, allowing to turn each single sticker 100% unique and fully protected under lamination (GSTAG HSP® process)

  • PETG, PVC-ABS, Vynil
  • Heated & Cold pressure lamination
  • High/Low/Differential tack adhesives
  • Anti-metal layers
  • UV resistant layers
  • Cut & Kiss-cut mixing capability
  • Large variety of chips (NXP, EM, ST,, Alien, Inpinj,…)
  • LF, HF, UHF
  • Full color HD printing
  • Dynamic printed data & codes
  • Doming, customized adhesives & anti-metal layers
  • Electrical personalization


Quick & Easy

Benefiting from a solid expertise in the area of water-parks, event and fitness, GSTAG offers a line of identification wristbands dedicated to these verticals.

From single single use to highly durable

Laminated & compounds
  • Neon : for Single or Limited-use. Full-PETG laminated structure with protected HD printing
  • Nova : Single or multiple use. Made of fully personalized fabric & robust PETG/PVC-ABS printed plate.
  • Fit’ One: Simple & efficient design, made available in two different sizes.
  • Fit’ Plus: Advanced design for sports and , special soft touch made and sweat-breathing structur


Infinite Beacon Experience

BLiNK® is a new kind of BLE Beacon dedicated to permanent operation, thanks a to an innovative power management combining hybrid Solar & Ni-Ion energies. This results in an endless user experience, ideal for offices, campus, shops, bus-stops, museum and many more areas, where BLiNK®is exposed to natural/artificial light during day time.

Embeding NFC and a full set of personalization capabilities (electrical, graphical, security), it brings a quick-turn and maintenance-free product to solution-providers.

Injected KEYFOBS

Design | Robust | Performing

Encapsulated partners, Keyfobs are made out of selected materials and high-performances tag inserts.  If you’re looking for a nice, performing and durable keyfob, these GSTAG Keyfobs are definitely designed to meet your highest expectations.


us_image image=”1524″ meta=”1″ meta_style=”modern”]


    • CLUB : Soft polyamid (52.5 x 32 x 4.8mm)
    • BUBBLE :  High resistance ABS  & Stainless Steel (56.6 x 32 x 6mm)
    • MACARON : Novodur & Stainless Steel (45.3 x 36.5 x 5.2mm)

Features & options:

  • Large variety of chips (NXP, EM, ST,, Alien, Inpinj,…)
  • LF, HF, UHF
  • Full color HD printing
  • Laser Engraving
  • Electrical personalization

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