IDENTIV is the most trusted manufacturer worldwide for performancessmart design, reliability of their products. With a fully dedicated  business unit and engineering team, company constantly keeps product compliances with worldwide standards & application requirements.

For more than 10 year now, GSTAG and IDENTIV collaborate on Sales as well Product Engineering , offering the best support in France and Africa.

With millions of USB devices deployed on the market over years, IDENTIV has gained a serious reputation in many verticals such as:

Logical Access Control

and more…

Contact Readers / Writers

Protect login to PCs and networks, encrypt hard drives, and digitally sign and encipher email with our smart card reader tech.

Network log-in | Windows authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO) | Banking and cashless payment apps | High-security federal government

SCR3310 v2.0

SCR3310v2.0 is an iconic small, robust PC-linked ISO/IEC 7816 contact USB smart card reader. It adapts perfectly for government, enterprise, or home use.

Now also comes with the choice of a USB Type-C connector !

uTrust 2700 R

uTrust 2700 R is a contact USB smart card reader that works seamlessly with virtually all smart cards and PC operating systems.

uTrust2700R and uTrust2700F (upgradable version) both comply with the latest security & communication standards and optional standbase.

uTrust SmartFold SCR3500

uTrust SmartFold SCR3500   is the smallest USB contact smart card readers supporting ID1 format on the market.  Available  in USB-A,USB- B and USB-C versions, it is a fast, secure and wire-free companion for your daily authentication needs.

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Contactless Readers/Writers

IDENTIV Contactless smart card readers / writers are ideal for secure identification and asset control, physical and network access, as well as NFC transactions and loyalty programs.

uTrust 3700 F

uTrust 3701 F supports ISO/IEC 14443 A, B, Calypso,  combining major 13.56 MHz contactless media and NFC smart card /phone reader-writer technology.  It also perfectly operates with the broad range of MIFARE® silicon chips.

Transaction-time efficiency, security, flexibility, full NFC capability, and in-field firmware upgrades ― this reader has convenience at heart every step of the way !

uTrust 3720F

uTrust 3720 F Smart Card Reader/Writer family integrates  dual-Frequency and multi-ISO contactless interface options to support a wide variety of identification applications, including access control, electronic identification, e-passport, e-banking and e-commerce.

uTrust 3721F

uTrust 3721F is a range of readers with keyboard emulation, available in 3 different configurations :

  • uTrust 3721F HF: supporting ISO/IEC 14443, ISO15693, ISO/IEC18092 NFC, Calypso, iClass UID
  • uTrust 3721F LF : supporting ASK, FSK, and PSK
  • uTrust 3721F HF+LF : Multi-ISO 13.56MHz and 125kHz

While the default configuration provides the CSN/UID of the card/tag, it can be modified to allow for block read, extraction and formatting of data with or without authentication.

Should you wish to verify if your Contactless/NFC/RFID tag/card is supported by our Contactless & Dual interface readers, please click the button below to download the whole list.

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Dual-Interface readers

The Mighty All-in-One

IDENTIV’s dual interface readers are the ideal combinations of contact, contactless, and NFC technologies in just one single device.  Supporting ISO/IEC 7816 contact cards and 13.56 MHz contactless technologies, they feature end-user environments where virtually all kinds of credentials are being used.

Backed with the same contactless/NFC  interface, they are available in two different contact-card set-up, depending on your preferred usage. Discover them now !

uTrust 4701F

uTrust 4701F is a perfect combination for applications requiring the use of ID-1 cards with different accreditations. Alternatively, it is also the ideal transition device from well-established traditional technologies into emerging NFC applications, pushing new business.

uTrust 4711F

Contactless Smart Card Reader/Writer with SAM Slot dedicated to applications, requiring fast and highly secure authentication.
Ideal for Secured NFC transactions with MIFARE® product range and NXP SAM AV2

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uTrust Token Family

The ultra-compact uTrust Token Family features secure mobility for mobile desktop applications and contactless smart card tokens.

Full-colour Logos from 100pcs onwards !!

uTrust Token Standard

Insert your ID-000 card and Instantly & Securely log, sign, authenticate

Contactless ready !

uTrust Token Pro

Features a high-quality embedded secure element with strong PKI capabilities based on Java Card™ technology

uTrust Token Pro Mini

Ultra-small form factor, embedding a secure element with strong PKI capabilities based on Java Card™ technology

uTrust Token Pro +

Token Pro with contactless interface to combine classical token features with physical access, contactless payments, ticketing …

uTrust Token Pro Mini Type C

Portable digital identity token that uses USB type C and can feature user branding and user-developed applets

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uTrust FIDO2  Security keys

When simple, strong multi-factor authentication is the only thing that will do, individuals, businesses, and government agencies put their trust in FIDO2 security keys to eliminate easily compromised passwords.

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