GSTAG has an extensive internal capability to design and industrialize special NFC/RFID products, in order to meet customer needs.

From heat/cold laminated structures to injection molded ones, we offer a bunch of products ideally engineered to best perform in various environment such as : Access control, Event, Leisure, Cashless, Identification, Anti-counterfeiting, Service activation, and more.

Please take a look at the product portfolio below and contact us for more details or any special request.



(i) Laminated Keyfobs

Made out of the same process manufacturing than cards, the products are ideal combinations of robustness and unsurpassed creativity with the whole set of personalization options available at GSTAG.

Two standard shapes are available, but we also design special tools on demande, to get your own & unique form factor.

Embeding your preferred NFC/RFID circuits and sets of personalizations (electrical, graphical, security), it will bring a quick-turn and maintenance-free product to solution-providers seeking for performance & aesthetic.

(ii) Molded Keyfobs

Using various commerically  available* ABS injection moulds with a range of shapes and robustness features, GSTAG does design the particular transponders with adavance characteristics to optimize performances and user experience.  As a result, the look is often familiar, but what’s inside will truly surprise you.

Many options are available, from colourful logos or serialization printing, to advance secure encoding.

(*) Customized mould design on request

  • All NXP MIFARE® Series
  • 13.56MHz,  125kHz
  • HD color printing
  • Text/UID/Sequential Serialisation
  • Glossy/matt Selective varnish
  • Braille
  • Doming


It simply Works !

GSTICKpro®is a range of NFC/RFID stickers dedicated to grarantee the performances and the instant operations users expect & deserve.

Available as indoor or outdoor versions, the products are backed by the finest selection of materials, lamination processes & advanced inlay design to meet each robustness requirement.

GSTICKpro® also offers a high-resolution dynamic color printing, allowing to turn each single sticker 100% unique and fully protected under lamination (GSTAG HSP® process)

  • Information & Connecting stickers (NFC)
  • Windshield security stickers (single/double sided)
  • Identification stickers (HF, UHF)
  • Full color HD printing
  • Full Color HSP® dynamic data printing (1D, 2D, Text, UID…)
  • Doming, customized adhesives
  • Anti-metal layers
  • Electrical personalization
  • Sizes : from 20x20mm , up to 1.37m x 50 m
  • PETG, Vinyl, Polypropylen
  • Heat & Cold laminations
  • High/Low/Differential tack adhesives
  • Anti-metal layers
  • UV resistant
  • Cut & Kiss-cut mixing capability
  • Anti-tamper destruction features


Quick & Easy

Benefiting from a solid expertise in the area of water-parks, event and fitness, GSTAG offers different identification wristbands dedicated to these verticals.

From single single use to highly durable… the choice is yours to ease  user experience in acces, cashless, lockers, and many more.

(i) Fabric & Composit
  • Single or multiple use.
  • Fully personalized fabric
  • Small & Robust laminated plate
  • Customised NFC integration
  • 1 or 2 sides HD color printing
  • HSP® Serialisation (Identifier, UID, sequential, QR, …)
  • NFC/RFID Secure Encoding ( MIFARE® family, NTAG and more)
(ii) Silicone
  • Engineered for sports & water parks
  • Unique soft-touch surface
  • Customised NFC/RFID integration
  • One size fits all !
  • Logo printing
  • Sequetial number & UID engraving



Dedicated to specialty RFID & NFC applications, WildTHINGS® is a range of objects designed on purpose to meet specific dimentional, performing or marketing constrains.
Totally shaped on demand, it integrates customized antenna designs (LF, HF, UHF) and the whole set of High-Resolution printing, including GSTAG HSP® dynamic printing.


  • Customized keyfobs/goodies/labels
  • Equipment Inventory/Tracking
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Construction works

Features & options:

  • Large variety of chips (NXP, EM, ST,, Alien, Inpinj,…)
  • LF, HF, UHF
  • Full color HD printing (incl. dynamic data & codes)
  • Doming, customized adhesives & anti-metal layers
  • Electrical personalization